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At Grand Prix Guyader there was something for everyone!

ETF26 catamarans measure up to new course formats

ETF26 race
ETF26 catamarans in Douarnenez Bay

The second act of the ETF Series took place in Douarnenez, on the occasion of the twentieth edition of the Grand Prix Guyader. The event, deeply rooted in the Breton territory, hosts every year the most coveted offshore racing boats of the moment (Imoca60, Class40, Multi50), fishermen and innovative and fast supports for the Pom' Potes Challenge. There is something for everyone for this event which is about sports and gastronomy. "We sail and eat well. " Sums up Gwen Chapalain, the head of the organization. The place is perfectly adapted to make the public appreciate the sailing show. "This is an exceptional boating stadium with a tribune at the port of Rosmeur. The boats can evolve in front of the public. It's nice ! " - he adds.

ETF26 was a novelty for Grand Prix Guyader which is always delighted to invite innovation to his table. Race formulas for the first flying multihulls participating in the event were very varied: hybrid courses, speed runs and windward/leeward courses. We are still in the youth of the class and each experience allows to progress in the knowledge of the boats and in the adaptation of the formulas of competition. Runs confirmed ETF26 excellence in achieving high speeds. They win the challenge by placing themselves at the top of the rankings compared to Imoca and Class40. The hybrid course caused frustrations, mainly due to lack of wind. Windward/leeward courses remain the favorites of the class also because the riders have more experience in this type of course. Team PRO stands out again, reaching the first place of the final ranking followed by ABC Arbitrage - Ville de Nice who makes a very beautiful last day. At one point from the second, Team Gaspe is third. In fourth and fifth place, we find respectively the Swiss team Tixwave and the Danish Cool Runnings 4, heavily penalized by capsizing during the hybrid course.

Team PRO sailing
Team PRO wins the Grand Prix Guyader

Antoine Joubert, of the winning crew Team PRO, describes the different types of course: "The coastal raid was very hard nervously because of the very light wind. We still manage to win it. During the runs the wind increased. Which allowed us to fly throughout the afternoon. For the last day, we faced each other on stadium formats. " He draws a positive balance: " We have been able to exploit all conditions during these last days. "

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