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Live Ocean Racing at the top of the ranking after two days of racing

The ETF26 has been racing on Lake Garda for two days now in ideal conditions for these 26-foot catamarans. The eight teams have already been able to compete in 7 races and a coastal course. Live Ocean Racing is currently leading the standings with four races won, closely followed by Team PRO with three. For this third day, the teams will start again for five races, that is to say five times one mile.

RESULTS (after 8 races) 1- Live Ocean Racing / NZL 64

2- Team PRO / FRA 10

3- Youth Foiling Team / FRA 00


5- Entreprises du Morbihan / FRA 11

6- Toroa Racing Team / GBR 009

7- Rock the Boat / SUI 002

8- Lady Team PRO / FRA 007

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