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Philippe Joubin's words

Philippe Joubin, Director of Spi Ouest-France talks about the presence of ETF26 this weekend in La Trinité sur Mer.

It’s really important for the Spi Ouest France to have the ETF26 take part in the event for two reasons.

First they are modern boats and we need to galvanise the Spi Ouest France as it is 42 years old today.

Also sailing today is carried by these new boats, these flying boats that make young people dream and on which a lot of people would love to sail. It’s the future of sailing. So we need to have the ETF as part of the event. We’re also thinking of welcoming other flying boats for the next editions of the Spi Ouest France. It was a success last year when we welcomed them so we’re keeping it up in 2020 and we want to ensure that this lasts over time, especially because the Spi Ouest France sponsors really appreciate the presence of these boats. For example the Region Bretagne where the boats are built. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to them, and the Spi Ouest France is a great event for them to showcase the skills and excellence of Britany’s sailors and shipyards.

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