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Spi Ouest-France: less than a month to go

ETF26 preparing to fly in Quiberon Bay

A new chapter begins for the Spi Ouest-France: the ETF26 will be the first foilers ever entered at this event, which, for 41 years, has marked the beginning of the professional and amateur French sailing season.

The opening up to the flying boats reflects the will of modernization of the new organizing team, led by Philippe Jacoubin, excellent sailor and a long-time journalist at Voiles et VoiliersMagazine.

In an interview with Voiles et Voiliers, Jean-Pierre Dick, promoter of the class, explains the revolutionary aspect of this participation, which was possible thanks to the technical and safety characteristics of the ETF26. Absolute Dreamer thanksthe SNT (Société Nautique de la Trinité sur Mer, and the ENVSN (Ecole Nationale de Voile et Sports Nautiques) for organizing the class round.

At present, seven teams are registered for the 41st edition of Spi Ouest-France: Luna (SUI), Tixwave (SUI), Cool Runnings 4 (DEN), Compass 24 (SUI), ABC Arbitrage - Ville de Nice (FRA), Black Pepper (FRA), Gaste (FRA). Registrations are open until April 18, 2019, so there is still time to embark on the flight adventure. The organization of the event published the program on their website. Teams and ETF26 fans will be able to register for the Facebook event to receive regular updates about the class.


Armel Tripon gets foils

The ETF26 class welcomes a multihull champion

The winner of Route du Rhum last edition, Armel Tripon has announced that he will participate in the ETF Series 2019. The skipper from Nantes, who distinguished himself in 2018 in the race that will remain in the memories of skippers and fans as one of the most windy and extreme sailing events since years, wants to take advantage of ETF26’s features to progress in flying sailing boats and in high speed regattas.

"Superb first day of handling with Jean-Pierre and his team. The boat is incredible light and reactive. We managed to fly when the wind gently raised to 8 kts, it was magic ... We will be back on the water tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to learn and progress on this foiling catamaran. "He said after trying the foiling catamaran.

Armel Tripon’s main objectives during this first season are to discover the support and enjoy crew navigation. He will participate with ETF26 n ° 9 in the Spi Ouest-France, the Bol d'Or Mirabaud and the Foiling Week in Italy. He would also like to bring sponsors and communication partners onboard to make them discover the sensation of flying. The ETF26, indeed, can fly with relatively low wind and in safe conditions, even for those who are new to the foils.


New speed record for ETF26

ABC Arbitrage - City of Nice starts the season in "extreme speed" mode

The team of ABC Arbitrage – Ville de Nice reached 36.4 kts during their first training of the year, on March 5, 2019 at ENVSN, in the Bay of Quiberon.

The wind was blowing from West at 16 kts, with gusts at 22 kts, the sea lightly choppy: pretty strong conditions for the beginning of the season and definitely appreciated by the team formed by Jean- Pierre Dick, Benoit Marie and Arnaud Vasseur.

On this same location the ETF26 Series will meet for the first race of the year, the Spi Ouest-France.

Jean-Pierre Dick said: "the objectives for the crew this year are, of course, to try to win the race. We are competitors after all and we cherish sportive and fair competition."


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